The Unheard Reason For Needing To Be Alone

In our society where elongated moment of silence and social avoidance are often understood as exclusivity, foul and condescending personality, we often caught ourselves suppressing the itching need for being alone. When all… Continue reading

Depression Diary

One mundane morning, I woke up to the gleaming ray of warm sunrise hitting my face as I skeptically move right and left on my bed. Feeling more tired and fatigued than yesterday,… Continue reading

Here’s Why It’s Okay To Be Friendless

I vividly remember how me and my best friend in grade school used to go home together. Playing cards and imagining the world we live in has monsters and the old oak tree… Continue reading

Liberate Yourself From Yourself

  I believe the most liberating thing one person can do in their life is to liberate themselves from themselves. But how can we do that when we do not know ourselves in… Continue reading

We Have To Be Okay Not Being Okay

When I was in high school, I can clearly remember how much I wanted time to fast forward, times ten. I always caught myself daydreaming, looking at the sky thru the open window… Continue reading

The Do’s and Dont’s in Friends-With-Benefits Set-Up

1 Do : Ask yourself if you’re game in this kind of game. If not, it’s okay. This kind of set-up is not for everyone, especially to hopeless romantics. Don’t: Jump in the relationship if… Continue reading

10 Things To Consider Before Becoming A Dog Parent (or Cats)

I wish someone told me how it’s utterly exhausting and draining it is to become a dog or a cat parent. I have two dogs and two cats all adopted and my life… Continue reading

An Almost Love Story

The moment my eyes hold a grip of you it was all rainbows and sunshine; Floras and butterflies, I’m floating on cloud nine Then you looked at me, Walking slowly towards me, don’t… Continue reading

10 Actual Scenarios in your Head When You Saw A Perfectly Hot Stranger

We’ve all been there at some point in time, some are almost daily. We all know the daunting and heartbreaking journey of perpetually falling in ‘love’ with a stranger. Be it that person… Continue reading

30 Things I Promise To Do To My Future Kid(s)

1. You can disobey but don’t lie. It’s okay to do whatever you want as long as you’re not hurting anyone or doing something illegal. You’re free to do it. You are a… Continue reading