5 Major Perks of Being Alone.

Ok, so no matter what kind of human being you are, Introvert, Ambivert or an Extrovert, there will be some few inevitable turn of events in our life that we tend to find ourselves isolated from everyone (introverts know this more), sometimes we think that we’re messed up, that everything is going the wrong way, that the world hates you and everything are just all F***ed up and this is the best time to think and consider what are some few perks of being with yourselves. Here are the list of what makes being alone tastes kinda’ sweet.

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  1. You have the World

There is nothing more tiring than pretending to have the same enthusiasm as your friends does, even if you have sometimes you don’t feel like going with flow. When you are alone you can be free, you can be whoever you want, you can do whatever you want, and you can stay silent as long as your lips dry like a fine desert sand without anyone getting angry because they think you are a “kill joy”. well duh, dudes, I get tired too!! I would rather drown my inner hopeless romantic watching netflix all day than doing things I’m not interested in doing with other people.

  1. You can save a lot of money

Of course when you are with your friends (or with your romantic interest), they always want to go to the mall and go shopping, watch movies, eat this and that! and you are left with no choice but to do what they’re doing. At the end of the day you are left with an old rusty token in your wallet and you feel like your whole humanity has sucked right out of you. You don’t want that to happen do you? So, just choose to go home, wear sweatpants, and just watch movie ALONE or with your family. It’s less expensive and you can lie on the carpet all day without anyone telling you that you look like a pregnant antelope gnawing cud the whole day.

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  1. You get to know yourself more

When we are alone we tend to think more, we evaluate things more accurately because there are no distractions and the best thing is that we have the time to listen to what our inner self want, because what our subconscious mind wants and think is basically the prisoner version of ourselves waiting to emerge out of the cage because we are focusing more of our attention to what the society wants us to be.

  1. The perfect time for exploring new hobbies.

Because we are used on having our circle of friends every now and then, we are all left out feeling bored when we are alone (or just chose to be alone), thus, this makes a perfect time for exploring new activities that you haven’t done in your life, like painting, sketching, sculpting, learning to play musical instruments and a lot of others stuff which doesn’t require anybody except you… of course. Doing this kind of activity will help our inner self to be more independent, happy, and more creative in the long run. Of course, at first, it will feel boring and sad, but don’t worry, no great things comes easy. So do yourself a favor, help yourself to be your own bestfriend, because time will come that even the closest person to us will be gone in our life.


  1. You have all the time to pre-prioritize your life

There comes a point in our life when we just sit back then fall into a deep realm and find yourself walking on other’s path. This is the time we need to take a deep breath and ask ourselves if we want this kind of life, if NO then it is time to step back and pre-prioritize your life, focus on what makes you really happy, focus on your lifetime goal, and focus on yourself. Remember, you are living your own life, what you do today will be the result of who you are tomorrow.