Be Fearful of Mediocrity!

We often tell ourselves that we are not going to settle for anything mediocre, for anything less than we know we deserve, and it’s very ironic because everytime we have to do things we just want to settle for ok, for good. we always sit in our own comfort zone and keep on convincing ourselves that being average is enough.

Why do we do that? – maybe because we are too lazy to do things the hard way? maybe we are afraid to take risks? Maybe we are afraid of seeing people how different we are? or Maybe we just let the opinions of other people be our map on how we are going to walk our life?

If you do that then you are just going to end up like them, end up like ordinary people. Don’t be afraid to take the high roads, don’t be afraid to keep on reaching for your dreams, don’t be afraid on leaving your own comfort zone, because life starts when you take a chance, when you risk a little.

Keep on reaching for your dreams! it’s not going to be easy achieving it, the destination are miles away, it is full of looking-backs, stop-overs, sometimes we stray away from our paths but the most important thing is to never STOP, to NEVER GIVE UP! We need to keep on pushing through, we need to keep our fire burning, we need to keep our inner child dreams and NEVER LOSE HOPE, NEVER LOSE FAITH.

You might not like where you are sitting right now, but if we keep on breathing through the hardships and pain, if we embrace change and perseverance, all the hard work will soon pay off and time will come when you will see that everything around you is beyond ordinary, everything around you is everything you deserve!

P.S Here’s a great quote to keep us up on doing our very best on the things that we need to do, SMILE! 🙂