Emancipate Ourselves From The Social Norms!

We are bound by all these social norms, we tend to follow the rules, we tend to go with the flow, we tend to fit in on what the society normally see as ordinary because we are afraid of being an outcast, afraid of being different, being alone, afraid of being judged. But what if we are born to be eccentric? anti-social or just selectively social, what if we are born to be different?  Are we just going to sit there and just let ourselves burn like a candle just to keep others warm? Just to feel that we are important to others? How long are we going to do that?

We can manipulate and change ourselves, put on a masquerade to feel loved, to feel welcomed and accepted because as a human being that’s what it is all about. We are forcing ourselves to be part of other people’s lives because that is what makes us happy, to have friends and relationships that will comfort us during our downfall and expect them to lift us up. We are entirely dependent on others to fill out the blank spaces in our lives, to make our life worth living. But what if that is just a pure fiction, a fabricated, sugar coated life lessons we learned on books we tend to read when we are a child (or just child at heart). That expectation from others is what keeps us drowning and depriving ourselves from the raw taste of reality.  Once we finally succumb to our inner independence we will realize that lonesome is just a pure fiction, that being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely.

Deciding to love ourselves more than anything will help us feel that euphoria without any pretentious act. We will know ourselves more, accepted our flaws and flaunt our strengths freely. We can show what we are capable of that we did not know when we caged ourselves from the social norms. It’s not gonna be a straight road towards freeing oneself, in fact it’s gonna be a rocky, crooked road with full of looking backs, conforming and self loathing but it doesn’t matter what the road looks like, what’s important is we pass through it and we can do it if we don’t give up on ourselves, convincing ourselves that we are more than what other people think of us and the only thing you can rely on is yourself. This is not and will never be a cynical thing to prioritize ourselves first. It’s what you called “self-respect” and when we have that, no audacious opine can ever break us down because we know ourselves more than what other people say about us.