Why Nicki Minaj Should Be Looked Up To: Nicki Minaj The Modern Superwoman

I cannot say that I’m an utter fan of Nicki Minaj, In fact, I only could name a few songs of her, I don’t have any of her Album to be called a fan. Anyways, this is not a justification whether I’m a fan or not. What I want to say in this blog is that we always see here as a “controversial woman”. We always have something to say about her everytime we see her like “look at that pink hair!” or the “Oh EM! can it still be called a breast?!” or “Oh My gosh! Look at her butt!” EVERYTHING! we can always find a way to make her feel weird about herself. But the real question we should ask for ourselves is “Does she care for anything I said?”.

Onika doesn’t seems to be the kind of woman who all women should look up to. As a guy, I kind of really can’t tell if girls should, But I think the most important thing they could look up to her, or just put into consideration is her passion. Her burning desire to achieve her dreams. She doesn’t let anyone stop her from doing what she want. We often look passed the fact that she has also great things that, let’s admit to ourselves, she possesses. She can rap, she’s funny, she’s genuine, she’s beautiful, she can write great meaningful songs if only we try to understand what she’s trying to say. She’s vulnerable. She’s fierce.

Nicki Minaj, for me is the perfect epitome of a warrior. We should all be like her. We should all learn the difference of being an asshole and the fool at the same time. Let’s try to be in between. In this kind of world where everything and everyone has to say something on whatever we would do, might as well do what we truly love, right?! They will always throw something at us and if they do, are we just gonna run around the dark corner and wail? Or when someone says their opinion about us, we’re gonna go all ‘”The Hulk” style on them and crush them like a rotten tomato. We should all learn when to be strong and when to be vulnerable. Choose what’s the right time to fight or the right time to shake it off.

Another thing is that, there’s no point on trying to please everybody, for making an effort for them to love us, to accept us. The only person we should please in what we do is our own self. At the end of the day, if we ever make a mistake on some of our choices in life, it’s we who’s gonna spill our wine, not theirs. Why should we care for everything they have to say?!

Just like what the most cliched line we could ever heard, “Life is too short, live it to the fullest”. We live in a world where there is no guarantee on what’s gonna happen tomorrow, even the fortune-teller cannot tell what’s really going to happen to us. One of the things that’s going to haunt us before we go to sleep is not the monster hiding under the bed but the regrets, the conforming we’re trying to do just to be less judged by others, to be less bullied, to be less, I don’t know, be hated for being different?! So if I were you, I’m gonna stop that. Stop conforming on societies standard rules, stop succumbing to inner happiness.

And…  I would stop putting hate around the world about Nicki Minaj or anyone you hate, it’s not going to change their life. It’s us who need to change our lives, I mean not physically (although if you do, go! It’s your life, do what makes you happy!). What I’m trying to say is that let’s not focus our life on hate, on seeing what’s wrong with other person and to ourselves also. How about we start on playing the right games for ourselves, change our perspective, let’s be optimistic, let’s spread LOVE, let’s be more open-minded. Let’s be a sponge let’s be more open on absorbing new things in life. Life is too wonderful to focus it on things that doesn’t matter. The purpose of life is to be free, let’s be free, let’s do everything we want if we know we’re not causing harm on others, do things with full of responsibilities.