Letting Go: Meaningless and No Substance Kind Of Friendships

Losing friends don’t define what kind of people we are, eventually it would all happen to us. Some friendships tend to drift apart and some just tend to lose that same  vibration and frequency to each other.

Friendships are supposed to be in a healthy state for the two or more people. When you are forced to talk because there is that awkward silence, or when you feel like you’re forcing yourself to do something they do just so they don’t get angry with you, or you feel like there is that feeling you have to explain everything to them because they always ask for it, then there is definitely something wrong.

We could have millions of close acquaintances but that doesn’t mean they are our real friends. We should all acquire the strength to let go those meaningless, unhealthy and no substance kind of relationships. I know its hard to let go when we have those beautiful memories lingering in our hearts. I know its scary to be alone but we have to do so. We must be strong enough to choose to be alone than faking smiles when we’re with them. It’s tiring, its draining, it’s not healthy and  its definitely not worth it.