7 Ordinary But Unusual Place To Blog Your Thoughts

Okay, so you ever felt like you’re in a serene moment, where everything you see and imagine seems all picturesque and all you want to do is to write all your thoughts but you can’t because you have nothing with you? It’s quite funny to think that the train of thoughts suddenly arrived when least expected. And let’s admit that barely, or maybe it’s just me who don’t bring my journals with me on the way to work, or maybe when I have it in my bag, I left my pen on my study table so a journal in this blog is a definite NO NO! And phones? Nah- I hate typing/ blogging on my smartphone. Anyway, So I compiled few unusual places where it’s best to blog out your thoughts but… you just can’t! -for people who barely rely on smartphones for blogging.

1. In The Public Transportation On The Way To Work/ School

Okay, so this one isn’t really an impossible place to blog out your thoughts, but chances are when your mind is in the mood for some creativity, your bag isn’t. And besides, for me, it is quite inappropriate to show off your laptop on train on the way to work or school because, I don’t know, maybe it’s quite dangerous?!!!!

Am I the only one who find inspiration on every simple things I actually, always, routinely passed by? A cat walking through the wooden fence? A grandma with her grand children walking the side road with a basket-full of vegetables and fruits. It’s such a waste, it could be a good story to write, if we simply have a usb flash drive that can be attached to our head so we can clearly remember all of the fabricated story that was playing endlessly in our mind the whole ride and then write it down when we got home. Right?

2. Walking Home From Work/ School

After all the stress and burn outs from school and work, our brain must be somewhat a super-muscle to actually function at a high creativity rate when all the other cells in our body just want to lay in bed and die a little. However, we have to admit that walking on the side-street has its own perks besides that we’re saving a few bucks from taking a taxi, we actually get to exercise a little, and let’s admit we’re too lazy, so running on an early-morning or late night jog is definitely out of the question! anyways, we can actually daydream about few things in life, like somewhat re-evaluating the choices and passed decisions we made in our life, how we regret over-reacting to the clerk knowing the Nutella increased a few cents on its original price, or maybe hating ourselves on how we sweat a lot when our crush passes by and say “Hi!”. Of course when our mind is in the vibes of blogging it out, it’s a big NO!-NO! if we’re typing it out on our phone on the sidewalk right?! We might get mugged!

3. Game of Porcelain Throne

Okay, so if there’s a place where we can actually blog while getting comfy, this is the perfect candidate. But something tells me doing this is the perfect epitome of INSANITY. I mean how can you see yourself typing and thinking for the right word to blog when the other part of your brain and body is so busy focusing on what you’re actually doing? I mean this is quite possible for people who is a professional multi-tasker, but me? ugh- no thanks. I would rather watch cat videos on youtube on my phone than thinking for the right word to  write in my blog. Too afraid that some unexpected word might get mixed up on my blog. I DON’T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN!

4. When Eating On A Restaurant/ Fast Food Chain Alone

So you see those people beside you laughing and chatting together, asking how their day was and catching up to each other while there you are, sitting, eating your lonely, tired and beat up-with-life hamburger and a drop of coke with a cup full of ice cubes but somehow you don’t feel refreshed, in fact, you feel the opposite. You are eating alone with a crying wallet squeezed on your butt and your mind was begging for you to blog the heaviness you feel inside your heart but you just can’t because you intentionally left your journals, phone, and laptop at home because you promise yourself that you just want to eat peacefully at a fast food restaurant.  But chances are mishap was cunningly waiting for you on your seat.

5. While Waiting in Line In The Supermarket

Is it me, or long lines are such a pain in the arse especially when you’re alone buying groceries in the supermarket. I’m not cynic but I usually hate those people in front and back of you talking loudly on their phones. It feels like they’re actually trying to broadcast to the whole world that they’re so furious hearing that their cat pee again on their favorite mattress, or how grievous they are knowing how their favorite tv series has come to an end. I don’t know! But I really hate it, they could just talk softly over the phone or something. Well anyways, I think sometimes our brain was created to piss us off because they’re actually absent and sleeping during exam, work time and actually when you really feel like writing something down but useful when in a ridiculous and nonsense situation.

6. While Taking A Shower

If only typing in the shower on my laptop is possible I could be greater than Nicholas Sparks! I mean when I’m in shower especially after a long day, my mind is going nuts. Over thinking a lot of nonsense things, fabricating stories that could pass on a Disney Channel movies or something. The point is my mind is at the very apex when I’m in shower, there comes a point when I even come up to a theory that when our head got wet, our brain awakens like a dragon blasting fire of ideas all at once, too much ideas that you can’t remember it all. I think it could be very useful if a law was implemented putting showers on our table so when we are taking exams or working on a presentation for the board we can just turn it on and let the abundance of ideas and cleverness run through our whole humanity. If that is legit, then there are no students who will fail an exam, no employee getting fired, and no blogger running out of something to write down. Earth would be such a paradise.

7. Going To Bed

Okay! So this is what pisses me off most, that feeling when all you want to do in bed was to lay down and just get a goodnight sleep but your brain keeps on keeping you awake. Haunting us with stories, ideas and a lot of reflections in life. When our eyes seems too heavy that the law of gravity keeps it’s very best to pull it down, when our face and skin is outraged for being tired and dull that the pimples and blackheads gather together for an assembly but our brain seems not to care. right? I wonder what kind of power or magic does the bed possess for making our mind wack! The dark sky, the tranquil glow of the moon shining across your room, fluffy pillows and a soft bed, that’s what our body and spirit only asks to call it a day, but our brain? He said, “No Thanks, I feel like over thinking so you’ll get sad and feel miserable for the things you did. Thank You!”

Going to bed was like a runner up in the shower, 2nd best place to think.