Don’t call me a good mother

For future mothers and Mothers out there. Say no to being a conformist. For every great lessons in life is served in hardships, pain and love. I thank my mother for showing me different kinds of love, for when I was hungry for the nurture of her arms she gave me tough love. For when I was thirsty for support she quenched it by making me lean on my own shoulders. For when I was bleeding from social tortures she mend it not by putting band aids on my soul but by helping me to grow up.

If you’re going to ask my 17 year old self about how I felt back then, I’m pretty sure he’s going to say, “I’m not exactly sure of myself if I want that”, “I’m not exactly sure of myself if I really need it.” “Because I want to feel what other child feels when they’re with their family.”
Unknowingly, I was raised to become a fighter, when growing up all I want is to conform, to be like everyone else. But if you’re going to ask me NOW how I feel, here’s what I’m going to say. “I still didn’t want it, but I needed it.” “I am thankful for the continuous tears, heartaches and jealousy that kept on running through my veins, for if I did not experience strong cultivating I might be still a seedling now, or worse might not even a sprout. I am thankful to my mother’s incomparable tough love. For he did not brought a child many people love, but she brought a child that many people cannot be.”

Thank you Mom! I Love You!

A Leaf in Springtime

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Don’t call me a good mother.

For being good somehow means doing all the “right things”. And to be honest, I’m not necessarily all that concerned about doing the “right things”.

I’m more concerned about doing the brave thing. The thing that is needed to be done even when nobody understands. The thing that might raise a few eyebrows. Or even shock some folks. The thing that is contrary to what is popular or trendy. Contrary to opinions, charts and reports. Contrary to what everyone says is right.

For I am more concerned about the man my child will become one day. Even more than my own concern for being rated good.

For you see, I am not merely raising a child. I am raising a new race of man. A father. A husband. A friend. A team mate. A son. A seeker. A world citizen.

And because of that…

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