Monthly Archive: June, 2015

Day#16: Something That You Miss

I kind of miss a lot of things; I miss going to class, I miss my childhood days where I don’t have to worry about anything, I miss running around and looking up… Continue reading

Day#15: Bullet Point Your Whole Day

Okay, I’m really sorry! This was supposed to be posted yesterday… again but this time our desktop computer crashed which I often used in blogging. Now I’m stuck at these old rusty laptop… Continue reading

Day #14: Post Your Favorite Movie That You Never Get Tired Of Watching

Okay, sorry! this post was supposed to be posted yesterday, but our internet connection was such a bitch! I’d never knew myself until yesterday when a sudden loss of internet connection lead me… Continue reading

6 Struggles Highly Secretive People Deal With

1. We find it very hard to actually have a friend. Even if we want to, we find it very hard to break down those wall around us to let some people in.… Continue reading

Day #13: What Are You Excited About?

This topic is completely vague. I mean maybe I am vague, maybe I am confusing, maybe I am complex. It’s sad to think that, as of now, I don’t feel anything. I am… Continue reading

Day #12: Write About Five Blessings In Your Life

1. My Family 2. My Home 3. My Physical Appearance (not too noticeable though) 4. My Skills 5. My Life

Day #11: Something You Always Think “What If…” About

I have a lot of What-ifs on my mind, sometimes big, sometimes crazy, sometimes depressing, sometimes made me think the whole day. But the most craziest what-if I can recall is… What if… Continue reading

Day #10: Write About Something For Which You Feel Strongly

Independence and self-love are the best things you can give to yourself. Love and relationship would probably the most overrated words in English vocabulary and by that, everyone, I mean EVERYONE look for… Continue reading

Day #9: Post Some Words of Wisdom That Speak To You

“Just Because it doesn’t work on your own timetable doesn’t mean it’s never gonna work out. God’s time is the perfect time. There are points in our life where we worked really hard,… Continue reading

Day #8: Share Something You Struggle With

As I was cleaning up my table yesterday, I found an endless pile of papers, few certificates, test papers, reviewers and a lot more stuff. Way back college, I always join in some… Continue reading