Day #1: 10 Things That Makes Me Happy

Listed below are few simple things that makes me happy. When I was a child my definition of happiness is expensive, parties, computers and cellphones. All of that things doesn’t include in my new vocabulary of happiness. As we grow old ( I’m not that old… I’m only 20) we can see that happiness is everywhere, sometimes we overlook and take it for granted that’s why we don’t appreciate it. I also learned that happiness,sometimes doesn’t include other people, just yourself is more than enough.We have to learn to be more kind and loving to ourselves, become independent and respect ourselves. At the end of the day, the only person who’s going to be with us is… ourselves. So let’s make a good relationship with ourselves so we could shout out to the world that “forever” really do exist.

P.S having a romantic relationship with other people would just be a bonus to make ourselves 101% complete it’s not a necessity for true happiness!

1. Going to a Spa. ( My guilty pleasure is spending and quenching my vanity thirst!)

2. Walking Alone

3. Listening to Music

4. Going to Chapels ALONE. (love the serene and peaceful atmosphere, love how I can feel safe and relax!)

5. Occasionally, Going out with friends and close acquaintances.


7. Spend a day alone doing whatever I want.


9. Getting busy over something like work and school things.

10. Blogging