Day #2: Write Something That Someone Told You About Yourself That You Never Forgot

Honestly, there’s a lot of peoples opinion about me that I don’t know and know about myself. Sometimes I don’t mind their opinions at all and sometimes it get stuck on my mind that it will play into an endless loop on my head for a few hours, days and sometimes a week depending on the severity of the words. It’s amazing how peoples opinion about ourselves opened up our eyes so we can see behind our own blind spot. Sometimes it’s okay to let other peoples opinion get in our head and heart, just choose the right people worth letting in inside our head.

Okay, so the story takes place in our house when me and my “special friend” are having a blast then like any other human being who makes mistakes and our happy hour turns sour when we didn’t agree on something. It wasn’t all that serious when suddenly it turns quite an argument after disagreeing on some things. To cut story short, when I’m about to walk my special friend out, my cousin saw us and she thought that we’re having a serious issue. When I saw her, I ignored her because I’m not really in the mood of being friendly, that action of mine might have flickered the switch to forced her to say to my special friend that “Why are you with him? He’s like the hardest person to deal with in the entire planet!”

When I heard her say that I just glared at her like Medusa turning her victims into stone. After my special friend left the house I immediately ran into my room and shut the door and just went on full tantrum. I didn’t say anything to my cousin because I don’t want another issue, I just swallowed what she said and allowed it to poison my mind.

After that eye-opening kind of scene I went into a long contemplation and finally admitted to myself that my cousin was right. I’m immature, snob, hard to deal with, secretive, and so mysterious that some other people hate about me. Now, i can confidently say that I changed. I am now not the immature, snob kind of people. I may still be hard to deal with and secretive and mysterious but that’s what makes ME. My cousin and I are still in good condition and our relationship became great.

And my special friend?…. I think we broke up before even something good happen.