Day #4: Write About Someone Who Inspires You

To tell you honestly. I’m the kind of person who is easily motivated and inspired over simple things like, those people I see on the streets working hard, motivational musics and music videos, inspiring movies. I am also the kind of person who is easily troubled and doubt. Like right at this moment, a few months ago I keep on watching movies to keep myself motivated to work hard and finally get a job. Now, 3 months later, still unemployed, troubled, hopeless and tired.

I won’t write about someone who lives here on earth but I will write for someone who keeps an eye on me and work his sleight of hand when I’m in need of a helping hand when no human being cares. He worked behind my success, because of his love and care, I graduated college, because of him my grandpa and I survived a car accident and because of him I still have my family and I’m here, breathing, blogging, and on constant running errands to find a job.

I’m gonna stop being a hypocrite of admitting that sometimes I feel like he abandoned me or something because right now, I am quite depressed because of being unemployed. I know there’s a lot serious problem that world is facing but I want to be selfish even just for now. You see, I’m not the kind of person who’s just crushing on my sofa and watching Netflix while wishing to have a miracle. NO! I constantly go out, and look and look and apply for jobs but up until now, NOTHING, not even a phone call or job interview.

Right now I’m kind of laughing at myself for being so overly dramatic. You know, like I’m dealing with some kind of disease or something. Maybe because I never imagined myself here on my computer while drinking coffee in the morning and drinking some cheap brandy at night. I’m always been a workaholic kind of person.

Anyways, just because I keep on whining about being unemployed I am ungrateful to him. No!, I thank him because I still have my family, we’re healthy as far as I know, and I still have a house and some few foods on my fridge.

I’m still strong, weak but still strong. I feel he’s just planning things out for me. I feel he’s asking for my patience and trust. I really believe that everything has its own reason even though I don’t know what that reason is I’m just gonna close my eyes and walk through it. I’m young, there’s more good things waiting for me ahead just need to keep pushing through and someday I’m gonna have my cup of ambrosia.

For me there is no better inspiration than him. For me, he doesn’t need to show himself to me for me to believe that he is always there for me, his miracles, compassion, love and care is enough. I may not be complete right now,(no one is though) but I must still be happy for I have all the things I need in my life. Just like what Fairy Godmother said to Cinderella, even a miracle takes a little time.