Day #5: List 5 Places You Want To Visit

1: JAPAN – is there anything you wouldn’t like about Japan? Foods, culture, cities, anime and especially cherry blossoms on spring! Actually when I was still in college I thought of moving in Japan, to settle there for good, to work there and just live my life based on what I saw on anime’s (childish I know!). Another thing I love about Japan is the discipline MOST Japanese have, unlike any other places they are more compassionate, passionate on whatever they’re doing and the constant innovation of everything (my own opinion).

2: SOUTH KOREA – Since high school k-pop is really making their way into every asian teenagers mind back then until now. Those good-looking Korean girls and boys surely questioned everyone’s self-esteem. For me (who’s guilty for being vain) there is nothing more I could wish for in South Korea, the foods, the fashion, their culture, not to mention how they keep their skin glowing like that! Who doesn’t want something like that? South Korea is definitely on my bucket list right now!

3. PARIS- The City of Lovers. Kinda’ ironic how almost a 2 years single like me would like to go to Paris. Anyway, who says that going to Paris requires a special someone? I could be with myself when I go there. It’s cliche’, I know, visiting there. It’s like it is in everybody’s bucket list to visit Paris. To tell you honestly, I’m not really into Paris’ love myth, I’m into landscapes, the Eiffel Tower, the western foods and people.

4:SWITZERLAND- To be honest, the only reason I want to visit Switzerland is because I want to visit and actually go into Hobbit’s houses. Those houses under the hill is surely picturesque.

5: PHILIPPINES- Ironic it is that I live here in the Philippines and I’ve never been on anywhere else beside my own city which I live for almost all my life. Time to kick off my tourist-on-their-own-country label on me soon!