Day #6: Five Ways To Win My Heart

I really can’t think of a ways for someone to win my heart, I just need to know who they are, you know what I mean? As soon as I know who they really are, no ways or action needed (just a normal flirt would do) and BAAAAAM! Let’s get married!

1. Substance over Style.

Long gone are the days that I settle for the physical appearance of a person. I realized that the more blessed they are physically, the more they tend to play things off, maybe because they are too narcissistic to think that there will be a lot of people falling in line just to take a chance for them, you know what I mean? They’re not scared of breakups because they can easily replace their partners. Anyway, back to the topic, for me substance is more important than physical appearance (though not too hypocrite to say that good looks is still a factor) because nothing feels good than having the best conversation with your partner and the feeling that both of you can confidently shares a lot of secrets and your weird fetishes. Small talks and deep talks can tighten relationships. It kind of feels good that your partner is both a good friend and your sex bud, right? It’s an absolute bliss!

2. Sociable.

I love people who can talk to everyone, those people who is very approachable and very kind (complete opposite of me). Those people my family can easily befriend with and fun to get along (although I really don’t need the permission of anyone for me to choose who’s I’m going to settle with).

3. Nice Perspective.

I don’t really need someone who shares the same perspective as me, someone who agrees on everything I say or think because there’s no thrill in that. I want someone mysterious, someone who has a good perspective on everything, those people who look at the big picture rather than the cropped and zoomed one. Someone who I can learn something from them, someone who will teach me good things in life. It doesn’t have to be all good and nice, I also welcome wrong and confusing perspective although I believe that there’s no such thing as wrong in terms of perspective.

4.Loves to Travel.

As soon as I know someone who really loves to travel, I immediately fall in love.

5. Blogger

I really dig bloggers! No! not all bloggers, you need to possess at least 3 of those mentioned characteristics above to be qualified as a potential love-blogger-mate (I’m not being an asshole or bragging or anything! Please don’t misunderstand this!)