Day #10: Write About Something For Which You Feel Strongly

Independence and self-love are the best things you can give to yourself.

Love and relationship would probably the most overrated words in English vocabulary and by that, everyone, I mean EVERYONE look for it, desperately asking for it, thirst and hunger for it. Honestly, I pity those person, I pity those person who beg for the acceptance of other person just to feel acceptable, just to feel worthy, just to feel alive.

I feel strongly that every person must love themselves and embrace freedom. Those feeling that you don’t have to be on constant love-hunting because you have a toast to attend to on weekend and you know your mom is gonna ask you again if you’re single or not or that feeling that you have to be in a relationship to watch Fifty Shades of Grey in a cinema because watching alone might perceived you as a creep. I really believe that independence and self love are the best things we can give to ourselves. The kind of feeling when you wake up in the morning, single and still feels hundred percent complete, drinking our cup of coffee and ready to take over the world. It is quite nice to spend some time off alone, date yourself in a fancy restaurant alone, go shopping alone, watch the movie alone which you absolutely need no one because you can’t talk while watching a film, right? Being alone empowers us yet most people prefer other people’s company for the sake of not being alone. It’s sad.

Knowing our own self-worth is as important as freedom, we must know who is worth the agony, who is worth the stress and who is worth the kiss, the tight embrace, and worth going crazy for.