Day #9: Post Some Words of Wisdom That Speak To You

Just Because it doesn’t work on your own timetable doesn’t mean it’s never gonna work out. God’s time is the perfect time.

There are points in our life where we worked really hard, did everything necessary and changes ourselves 360 degrees just to find ourselves on the backstage, crying, whining, going on a full tantrum as why life has been a really bad bitch. Sometimes losing taught us much lessons than glory and winning can give. In reality, life can be a real bitch and the only way to survive it is on learning how to fuck it correctly.

We should all learn to be optimistic, to stand firm on whatever we believe in, because in reality, those things we wish most of the time may not come when we expect them to. There’s going to be lot’s of delay and if we are weak, rot and decay will devour our dreams and the only way we can fight it is being active. Keep on living, keep on believing that our dreams will eventually come true and it’s not easy believing, it’s not easy doing everything but still has no guarantee that it will be given to you and that’s what makes our dream worth it because success doesn’t just fall from trees, if it does, everyone has it. Achieving it is the most difficult thing that’s why only few people achieve theirs. When we feel tired of achieving it, pause and take a break till your heart’s content and when you think you can get back up, back up! stand strong and try again.

Just remember that when god is silent over your wishes, he never say “NO!” he only say 3 things… it is “Yes” “Not Now” and “I’ve got bigger things in stored for you.” and it will require a complete and utter faith to stand still and to be strong. God knows it is also hard for us and that’s when god will know how strong our faith is.