Day #11: Something You Always Think “What If…” About

I have a lot of What-ifs on my mind, sometimes big, sometimes crazy, sometimes depressing, sometimes made me think the whole day. But the most craziest what-if I can recall is… What if I was born a girl?

Maybe I’m a slut… No, maybe I am one of those experimental girl, dating both women and men spontaneously because sometimes it’s fun to eat meat even though you try to be vegetarian, I maybe skinny because I am too caught up on what society expect me to look like. If I am born a girl,I may or may not be pregnant right now, I may even have a baby now!, busy preparing milk, changing diaper, humming my baby to sleep while calling my girl and asking if she’s available tonight to get cuddle up in my sofa while having a tv binge and just catching up on what happened today.