Day #14: Post Your Favorite Movie That You Never Get Tired Of Watching

Okay, sorry! this post was supposed to be posted yesterday, but our internet connection was such a bitch! I’d never knew myself until yesterday when a sudden loss of internet connection lead me to an oblivion breakdown. It’s hilarious! Can you imagine yourself breaking down because of an internet then slowly all the bad things that happened into your life rushed on the surface of your mind and it feels like nothing good ever happened in your life at least once?! I could be awarded an Oscar for my drama yesterday! Anyways. . .

My favorite movie so far that I never get tired of watching is The Fault In Our Stars.

Honestly, I never really read the book and I’ve heard such rave reviews of the book/ original version of The Fault In Our Stars, that time I was wallowing to my inner bulimic that I chose to go foodporn than buy the book… so yeah, another regret. Anyhow, the reason why I really love this movie is besides for the fact of irony of reality and fantasy, is the personality of Hazel Grace.

Honestly, if I’m in her position I don’t think I have the courage to move on, to move forward and just give up. It’s like you’re living in a dark eternal abyss with no guarantee you’ll ever leave that place. But she is a very nice woman, she forced herself to continue because of her love to her parents. I’ll spare the details and scenes of the movie.

I like the movie ’cause everytime I watch it, it gives me like some kind of courage that you can always see the brighter side to every problem, that no matter how hard and unfair life is, we can just put it aside and live happily, if we chose to. You cannot choose what kind of dilemma life serves on you, but you can choose on how to respond to it. We are living in a world where we always seek for an answer to our eternal questions. It’s okay that sometimes we’re trying to figure things out, but sometimes, we have to let go and accept the fact that not everything happens in our life is in our hands and embrace the uncertainties that lies in our present and future. Sometimes living doesn’t mean you have to know the answers, because most of the time, you don’t. You just have to live through it, try to ignore the things that bothers you and just keep breathing, keep your soul alive and try to accept what’s in front of you and it will help you to be more focus on the good things rather than the things that is missing, just like what Hazel Grace have said “Life isn’t a wish granting factory“.

Pain demands to be felt.” Who doesn’t love the quote, right?! It hit me right through my soul. We cannot really choose if we get hurt in the world, we cannot chose what kind of pain we’re going to suffer. Pain is inevitable, but we have the say on who’s going to hurt us. Who and what is worth the pain. Pain is meant to be embraced, to be known, sometimes we have to let pain envelope us so life can mold us to be stronger, to become more sturdy and hopeful than ever before. Because if we fought a good battle on our old pain, why the hell can’t we survive in this struggle, right?

If there’s a lesson I truly embrace in this movie is that, life is like a roller coaster, you cannot choose if it goes up or down, let go of control and embrace the ride. At the end of the day, we’re going to be thankful for ourselves that at least…. we enjoy the ride. Okay?