Came across this youtube video on my facebook feed.

I felt the pain, I felt the struggle she was in. I also suffered from a lot of imperfections, and still quite suffering now. We live in a society where everything we see are hungry for perfection and allergic from flaws, maybe that’s why we unconsciously feeding our inner demon the power to let those negativity run through our own head. We try hard to masked our imperfection and put on a fake perfection in the world.

Right now I realized something. I realized that we should live through imperfection and just slowly accept ourselves from who we really are right now, not who we wished we are. We are like art, we start off from an empty canvass but as time goes by we get scarred, we get acne, freckles, we have a lot of imperfections on our body, but that’s also what makes us individuals, that’s also what makes us interesting. Every scar, every acne, every freckles, every imperfection we have on our body tells a story. Tells how well we fought our battle, how well we rise everytime we got knocked down, how well we carry our own self despite the struggle we’re going through.

Every imperfection tells us that we are human and perfection is nothing but an illusion of our society.