Let’s Fall In Love With Someone’s Soul

This teaches amazing lesson. Never settle for the physical appearance of a person because evidently, we’re gonna age, and what’s going to happen if one day, you wake up in the morning and you look at your spouse with lots of wrinkles on her face, all of his/her hair are gone white and the one whom you thought was physically perfect and you just fell in love with her appearance suddenly change? Will the feelings also change?

That’s why I once said to myself that I’ll never once again just settle for the physical appearance of the person. Never trust the physical appearance of the person, because inevitably it’ll change. No amount of botox, or facials, or creams and serum that can counteract aging, that’s why appearance is very unreliable. Physical appearance is just a good bonus when you fall in love with their soul.

Let’s fall in love with their eyes because eyes never change. Let’s fall in love the way they talk because that’s what you’re gonna hear everyday. Let’s fall in love with the way they tell stories because this is where we’re gonna know them better.  Let’s fall in love with their soul because even up there, that’s we’re going to be with. Two soul who shares the same passionate, and real love are bound forever.

But the most challenging part of this is finding the person we grow old with. Nowadays, were everyone seems just like playing love off, even those people who’s loyal and great became scarred and scared from giving everything again. Well, I really believe we have one soul in this earth that is a perfectly compatible with ours, we just have to make a heck of an effort and courage to seek it, to have hope and strength to never give up on love. It’s hard but definitely worth it. Love is the greatest thing that exist on this world, it may varies depending on other people but the REAL and MATURE love is definitely, definitely something worth more than our own soul.