Day #23: A Letter To Someone, Anyone

Dear Human Beings,

How are you? Is everything okay? Is everything still bearable. . . is everything still breathable?

I can feel you’re having a bad day right now, I know you’re suffering right now, I know that you’re struggling something in your life. I can feel that a lot of things doesn’t go the way you want it to, but it’s okay.

It’s okay because that’s how life is and it will always be like this and that’s entirely okay. I believe that we really don’t have much of a choice on life, we really cannot choose where we’re from, where we are now, and what kind of dilemma we’re struggling right now. But that’s completely okay, it’s normal. It’s a human thing to wallow and choke yourself up to lugubriousness and turmoil, weep and wallow ’till your heart’s content.

Let go of the belief that nothing can be fixed by watching Disney movies and believe that when something good and bad happen to us, it just happen. No more sugar-coating egregious pain, hate to burst your bubble, but it do more harm than good. Just let the chips fall where they may.

Now, I’m not saying this out of faith, but rather in a realistic way, in a way on how reality works. Like once my professor on a class I started taking this Monday said, “Everything you know is a lie.” Don’t believe everything based on your own understanding, stop comprehending things so much because no matter how hard you try, you will never know what it actually is. It’s pointless.

I know this may seem bitter and dark for you, that’s because it’s raw, take it with a grain of salt and you’ll be okay. Maybe the only sage advice I could give is to embrace and completely open yourself to everything. it’s okay to be sad, feel whole-heartedly the excruciating pain. Because pain is inevitable, wallow till your heart’s content and after you see how rubbish you are, you will soon realize that there’s more to life than weeping and making yourself look like a bloated goat. Trust me! sadness is like drinking a gin, drink and get wasted, you will soon then realize how crazy you are when you feel the torturing pain of hangover and eventually promise yourself to never get waster again because you already know the feeling.

Bottomline is, life is not a wishing well that will give you whatever you want. The truth is, you really can’t choose what life give to you, you can work hard as much as you can but still fail, you can love deep as much as you can but that someone doesn’t stop him/her from leaving you, you can be as kind as you can but that doesn’t prevent someone from screwing you up. The only thing we can do in this life is to accept what’s in front of us and live with it. Try to ignore the things that bothers you and just keep on going through. Who knows life might get carried away by your dramas and dilemma’s, might give you the best thing you always been wishing for.

Sincerely yours,