Day #25: Think of any word, Search it on google image, Write something inspired by the 11th image.


At its roots, perfectionism isn’t really about a deep love of being meticulous, it’s about fear. Fear of making a mistake. Fear of disappointing other people. Fear of failure. Fear of success.

-Michael Law

So, I searched the word perfection on google images and the result is the picture illustrated above. Perfection for me doesn’t exist, but “being fake” does. We are human beings, we are all made out of flaws and goods, we can’t just be made out of one. I know that being perfect is the dream of a lot of people, but it’s like reaching the sun, you might be dead before you even have a glimpse of it.

Perfection is the disease that societies and medias spread to us.Toned body, skinny, perfect face, smooth skin, wrinkle-free face, expensive clothes, smart, wise, an awesome career, a perfect romantic partners and a little bit of everything. It’s tempting, it’s hallucinating to even see yourself living like that. But, is there really a single person living like that? I thought once that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt does, but now I’m having a second thought, I know they’re perfect together, both beautiful and rich people, they are kind, they are compassionate but deep within me keeps on whispering that behind those “perfect” tag that keeps on shimmering and blinking like the lights in las vegas above their head, there’s something they are struggling with. I may not know it, but I am sure that they have. They might be suffering from inferiority complex like any of us, they might be suffering from insufficient time for their adorable kids, who knows. The point is, they are human beings like us.

Furthermore, we as normal people tend to look only on the things we see, we try hard to idolize and be like our favorite celebrity, getting a tan skin, losing weight and a lot of other stuff. We are blinded by the fact that what we see is only a quarter of reality. However, perfection just doesn’t draw a line between physical appearance, obtaining perfection may varies from work, your neighbor, your classmates, or even your close friend. We always try everything to be perfect to the eyes of other people, we try our very best to stand out from the crowd, we want to feel special, we want to become something they appreciated and values and by doing that we are decreasing our own value within ourselves. we’re losing the original version of ourselves and just becoming the copycat version of other people. Is that what we really want? Is that what we’re trying to do?

As for being meticulous just like the picture illustrated above tells, I’m afraid there’s no wrong on being a perfectionist on the things that you do, only on the things that we do are the kind of perfection is tolerable, as long as you’re not hurting or demoralizing other people, it will do good to us. I was once a perfectionist on everything I do, it was good, it feels good that you are working very hard and putting a lot of pride on your own work, but sometimes it’s draining. Not just physically but also emotionally, I get drained because no matter how many hours I put on something I do, there’s always, always going to be a mistake. There’s always going to be something not good enough, it’s tiring. It destroys my self confidence and my own pride. I destroyed it myself.

Sometimes, people break us down, other perfectionists look up at our flaws like some kind of a left fingerprint on a crime scene. It feels demoralizing, it hurts like hell when people shove your own flaws to you face. It’s making me nauseous.

But when we get tired of this, when we get used to this, we will come to a point where perfection was a merely word slowly fading in the murky water. Perfection is just a word that has been created by societies to have someone to look up to even though we know it isn’t real. If we could only let go of the fact that life isn’t like a Hollywood movies where beautiful people get beautiful things. That nothing can make it feels better when an unbelievably attractive and hot person approach us and offered us to be their bae. That’s just isn’t happening in real life, that is not just the truth.

This is the truth, the life we are living in right now, the kind of life that has been and always will be. I’m not saying that change isn’t reachable, it does. But it takes consistency and hell of an effort to do so, so if you are committed to changing your life, then good for you. Hope you reach it. But if you’re the kind of person who sits on your couch and pray to every god you believe in to change your life because you are a good person is not enough. It is never enough. Just because someone changed their life because of the things they did doesn’t mean yours’ gonna change too if you do it. . No one really knows how to achieve it, you have to discover it yourself. Different people needs different lifestyles and change in order to achieve their dreams. Don’t just read an inspirational stories of celebrities rag to riches. It’s not going to happen to you, go out there and do whatever you need to do. That is the truth.