It’s Possible To Live With Little Things in Our Life. (and still be happy!)

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making things complicated.” – Confucious

“Do what you like and you will be happy.” That’s what everyone said. That was once I said. But I realized that things are much more simple than that. There’s much more achievable things we can do in our life than making and tolerating our mind “if we do what we like, we will eventually be happy.”

However, I’m afraid that isn’t always the case. I think it’s much more complicated than it may seem. For instance, I really love travelling to different countries but I don’t have much resources to fulfill it. It makes me feel miserable, it make things more gloomy because of thinking that “I only want one thing but that one thing is out of my reach.”

What am I gonna do? Wallow on self-pity and cry myself to sleep? Wish to all the saints and God I know to give me some money so I can make my dream come true? No. I’m gonna get over myself and start living life as to what it actually is. No sugar-coating, no imagining special scenarios, no wishful thinking, just accepting and live with this plain old LIFE. Normal Life.

This so-called “Normal Life” is so underrated and it is not utterly bad if you  look deeply and open-mindedly into it. It’s wonderful. It’s simple. It’s less stressful and it’s REAL. It’s not a crazy thing to imagine yourself bathing in a milk with lavender oil and rose petals, or having yourself a cup of ambrosia. Those thing are great, it motivates us to strive more and put some distance away from mediocrity. The motivation is healthy, but the expectation is the poison. It consumes our energy and make ourselves miserable than what it actually is.

If only we could just learn the art of letting go. If we could just let our heart and mind sink into the positive side of reality.

Take my story as an example. I was really depressed for 3 months for being an absolute and full-time nothing. Unemployed. I was so exasperated to life, destiny, people and basically the entire cosmos. I hate everything I see and I felt nauseous every time someone or something that says “hard work pays off.”  But it was not until this past few weeks I see things less distorted. I came into conclusion that hard work really pays off, but not what and how I imagined it. Not as what the kind of prize I have been expecting. It may or may not be what I want to but I accepted it not because I don’t have a choice or because I thought I deserve this because of my poor self-judgement.

You know what the prize I’m talking about? FREEDOM.

I wish I realized this sooner, I wish I realized how great this gift is. It’s basically priceless and doesn’t have any expiration date (unless you let it). I gained freedom for being unemployed. I gained the will to go around and contemplate on where my life is heading. As I was thinking these past few days, I’m really lucky. I am so fortunate that I’m still not bustling my ass off every single day going to work. I have this freedom to do whatever I please. Playing video games all day? Yes please! Not feeling taking a shower every f@#$% morning? Oh yes I can! and the most priceless thing I have ever had so far for being an unemployed is that I finally took an english proficiency class (which I really want) which doesn’t just expanded my vocabulary and knowledge but also gained valuable wisdom  and life lessons which I really treasure and take it to heart! oh and I met new and interesting people whom I learned a lot.

See my point? If I have been working, If I continue whining how miserable my life is and wishing for something great to happen to me, I may not be as happy and blessed as I am now. Because, I feel like I am where I meant to be, I feel like I am who I needed to be.It definitely feels like a whole new world to me.

That is life, and that’s how everyone should look at it. Stop looking for the obvious but instead look for something beyond what your eyes can see. Look from afar. Stop wishing and daydreaming for the things you don’t have and instead live your life as it should be because who knows. . . that little thing could be a big thing.

Normal life isn’t that bad if you let it happen. Let’s learn to accept things as they are now and let’s stop controlling things to be what we expect it to because that’s never going to happen. Life is life, it’s not a movie. We must be able to live with little things in our life and see and comprehend beyond what it actually is, we might not see it, but who knows? It may or may not be equally as great as the things we’re expecting to

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