10 Signs You’re In A Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships should be like tea and honey, complement each other but perfectly sweet and complete on its own.

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We read a lot about red flags and signs that you’re in an abusive or unhealthy relationship, but what we don’t talk a lot about is what exactly makes a relationship healthy. So let’s take a look at what a healthy relationship looks like.

1. You TRUST each other completely.

You trust each other implicitly, without having to convince yourself. You don’t give each other “the benefit of the doubt” because, quite simply, you don’t have those doubts. This trust goes beyond simply trusting that your partner is faithful. You take what your partner says at face value. You feel safe with that person and can allow yourself to be vulnerable. You trust that they care and that they won’t hurt you.

2. You make POSITIVE assumptions.

In unhealthy relationships, people make a lot of negative assumptions. He canceled plans last minute? He didn’t want to see you. She…

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