42 Little Things In Life That Really Make It Worth Living

Small things we all overlook that makes a significant changes in our life. We must learn to appreciate these small things because, unconsciously, they make our day worth living for.

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  1. When the two potential lovebirds you’re rooting for in a TV show finally get together.
  2. When the train/bus you need for a transfer gets to the stop the same moment you do.
  3. Getting a text from someone you actually want to talk to.
  4. Getting in the car and turning the radio on to find that your favorite song just started.
  5. A wonderful shower after being out all day.
  6. Bedgasms.
  7. Eargasms.
  8. All “-gasms”.
  9. Meeting someone who’s obsessed with the same shows/musical artists you are.
  10. Falling in friend-love.
  11. Offering someone some of what you’re eating while praying to the heavens that they say “no” because you really don’t want to share and then they politely decline.
  12. Getting ready to do laundry and finding cash in your pockets.
  13. Arriving to the gym to find your favorite machine waiting for you.
  14. Finding something good to watch on Netflix in under…

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