10 Signs You March To The Beat Of Your Own Drum

In the world where everyone is fixated on the temporary things around them, it is only just to be more fixated, loved and take pride into ourselves more than anything…. because hey, forever exists in our own selves alone.

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Flickr Shan Sheehan Flickr Shan Sheehan

1. You have a strong distaste for the status quo.

You disagree with popular opinions on several topics. Even more so, it truly bothers you that the majority of people think a certain way. Being an individual, it makes you angry to live in a society that’s attempting to coerce us all into being the same.

2. You lack respect for authority figures.

You don’t automatically assume that being in a position of authority makes someone infallible. You don’t blindly adhere to people’s instructions just because they’re an authority figure.

3. You can objectively look at both sides of an issue.

Some say that you haven’t earned the right to express an opinion until you are able to argue the opposition’s side better than they can. People who think for themselves are able to see multiple perspectives on an issue and realize that there are valid points…

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