Monthly Archive: September, 2015

Self Delusion

I always thought I was special. I always thought I was smart and wise. I always thought I was strong. I always thought I’m better than I was before. I always thought I… Continue reading


I’m tired. I’m tired of being stuck in the status quo. I’m tired of being a misfit I’m tired of living in full of unknowns. I’m tired of living the same life over… Continue reading

Rotten by Time

Wait for the perfect time, they said. But when exactly is the perfect time? Is it next week, next month, next year? Who knows right? The thing is that, this promise isn’t completely… Continue reading

Compassion Hurts

Compassion hurts. Every cell in our body will feel the lugubrious irony of compassion. They said compassion is a power that human being has. I say it is a curse. Not because I… Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Stress Yourself in College

We are always told that college years are essential if you want to have a more structured future ahead. As I wanted you to believe what other said, it is unlikely that it… Continue reading