Compassion Hurts

Compassion hurts. Every cell in our body will feel the lugubrious irony of compassion.

They said compassion is a power that human being has. I say it is a curse. Not because I hate being compassionate towards other, also not because I am expecting something in return but because compassion anchors us to people and everyone we love. It deeply rooted us to to temporary people who doesn’t promise certainty. It anchors us to people that we forgot to live our own life, to know who we really are and what we like, what we want and we we hate.

Compassion entangled our veins to their’s that whatever they feel flows also to us. Every decisions and plans we really want for our life solely based on the people around us.

Compassion compromise our future. It compromises what we want in life because we are blithely unaware that our life wretchedly revolves around them, sometimes it compromises the truth. Compassion makes us a bridled horse.

Compassion is a curse for a people like us, it blithely makes us live under their shadow.

Compassion is for the strong, it is for the masochists.

Compassion requires whole soul or none at all.

Compassion is an abyss, once you go in there, there is no turning back.

Compassion changes my color palette. Compassion makes me wander on my own path.

Compassion brought chaos into my life… a beautiful chaos.