Rotten by Time

Wait for the perfect time, they said.

But when exactly is the perfect time?

Is it next week, next month, next year? Who knows right?

The thing is that, this promise isn’t completely clear and there’s no guarantee that it is applicable to everyone.


Just have faith, they said.

But what if time itself kills every bit of hope within you?

But what if your mind itself kills your very own soul?

But what if your very self betrays you?


Work Hard, they always said.

But what if you know yourself that you’ve done everything you could do but still changes nothing?

But what if you think that working hard won’t get you anywhere?

But what if reality strikes harder than the fantasies and dreams we heard and read from the T.V and Magazines?


I wonder how much is the perfect time?

I wonder if everyone are blessed with the power of the perfect time?

I wonder how much luck I need to have that perfect time?


Who knows, right?

But something horrifies me more than those unanswered questions.

There is one thing that creeps me out more than anything.


Then out of nowhere, someone whispered through my right ear


“There is no right time, there is no perfect time. You have to live now. Walk if you must, take small steps if you must, crawl if you must or… be devoured helpless when life overtakes you.”