Self Delusion

I always thought I was special.

I always thought I was smart and wise.

I always thought I was strong.

I always thought I’m better than I was before.

I always thought I know better.

I always thought I am something that I can be proud of myself, something that is far from mediocrity. But now, after all the struggles I’m going through, I really don’t know. Now, I’m starting to question everything. Now, I’m starting to realize that, all of the things I thought to myself was a lie, It was a show to myself, a drama to convince myself. A make up to fool myself. Simply to prove to myself that I am better, that I am special but now, I know I’m not.

I’m like everyone else.

I’m not smart and wise.

I’m weak.

I’m always been the same.

I’m an epitome of mediocrity.