Spiritual Suicide

12295443_10203719489146903_5717579368123786425_nAs I was listening to a motivational speech on youtube before I hit the sack yesterday night, I came across this video about spiritual suicide. I’ll tell you what it means later.

The speaker said that out of all the species on earth, it’s funny that human beings are the only species that doesn’t strive to grow more, that doesn’t strive and work hard to grow until the very end. We settle for mediocrity and die there. Carry their ideals and dreams in their graveyard. They said that graveyards are the richest place on earth, rich from all the inventions we never see, rich from ideas that never come into reality and rich from all the dreams that left untouched.

Normal people nowadays stop pursuing their vision, their ideals, their dreams maybe because society pulls us to do what everyone else do. To conform. When we do that, we stop pursuing what our heart really want, we’re committing a spiritual suicide. We kill ourselves to become a mindless zombie that most people in this society are.

I really don’t understand why most people are comfortable going to work that make them sick, doing something they hate, when in fact they could just work hard, save, quit and start fresh. Start pursuing your dreams, start pursuing your hobbies, start pursuing things that makes you sweat, tired and happy at the same time.

Maybe a lot of people don’t chase after it  is because it’s hard. Like the speaker from the motivational speech I heard yesterday, when you choose to work easy, your life will be hard and when you choose to work hard, your life will be easy.  Or they stop pursuing it maybe because of lack of self-confidence? lack of trust to oneself? Come to think of it, we bask in mediocrity because of the latter. We dip ourselves to mediocrity because we are afraid to taste the hardship that is inevitable to stumble upon when you want to chase down your dreams. We are afraid that most people we know are going to call us crazy. You know what? I tell you this, when they think or say that your dreams are crazy, you share them to the wrong person. I don’t care if they are your parents, your friends or your loved one! If they don’t believe in your dreams it means they are drowned in their anxiety, anxiety that you will never make it out alive, because they never did. In reality, you don’t need them, it may sound harsh and unrealistic as it may seem but you only need yourself, other positive people who cheer you on are just a bonus, a cheerleader on your way up but overall, you only need yourself. Just like they saying in the old African proverbs I heard, “When there is no enemy inside, the enemy outside can do us no harm.”

And you…. maybe you’re reading this because you need some enlightenment? don’t worry, you’re not alone in this journey. We all are striving and trying our best to live our ideals to life. We try hard to follow our dreams. Don’t worry if you’re still stuck on the work that you want to quit on, don’t worry, it’s normal… In fact, you should be proud of yourself to think of that, to think that you want to quit and follow your dreams. We all are going through that phase and the most important thing to remember is to never abandon your dreams. Just think of your present right now as the preparation stage. Just like Oprah Winfrey said, “Do what you have to do now until you can do what you want to do.”

Success requires the new you, and you can’t change into a new you until you are  mentally and physically prepared to leave the mediocrity you’re basking at.