21 Things You Should Do and Learn When You’re 21

  1. You should learn to be independent. Be it walking alone on the way home, eating at a restaurant alone or going shopping alone. Point is, you should never rely on the presence of anyone to do your own thing. It’s your life. Control it. Live it.

  2. Given the latter, be in control of your own life. By all means, do what you love, do what you like. Go movie binging if you want, go travel if you want, spend as much as you want, eat whatever you want. It’s your life. You’re in charge of your own happiness. Never be apologetic on what makes you… you.

  3. Learn to distinguish close acquaintances and your real friends. Not all people you treat as friends feel the same way about you and by that, you should never let yourself be an open book where everyone can read it. Maintain your mystery, keep your real self to those people who truly care about you. Those people who you can call at 3:00 am and never get angry by doing so. Keep this in mind; “the lesser the friends, the lesser the drama.”

  4. Start getting new hobbies.

  5. Start getting more physical. Exercise.

  6. Start eating healthy or more like… be more health conscious. I mean, sure you can eat a whole pizza everyday but keep in mind that you are also in control of your own health. Consuming something healthy once in while won’t kill you, right?

  7. Get to know yourself more. How do you do that? Spend some quality time alone, contemplate on what makes you happy or grumpy, on what makes you jump out of your bed early morning and what makes you want to go back and sleep again. More often, we are interested on the life of other people and by doing so, we neglect ourselves.

  8. Never let yourself come in last. And by that, I mean always put yourself or your life first before anyone’s. Don’t be afraid of being selfish, it’s not. It’s being self-full. Fill your cup full so you can pour your excess on other cups. Fill yourself with love, compassion, respect and dignity and when you do that, expect that it will overflow on other people. How you treat yourself is how you treat other people.

  9. TRAVEL. There is much to see in this world. You can never be bored enough to see the world. Experience other people’s culture, eat with them, eat like them, sleep with them. Only then, you will realize that life is not as worse as you think it is.

  10. Don’t be afraid to make another mistake. Who has live and not make mistakes? Mistakes are just lesson learned the hard way. It’s up to us if we’re going to let that mistakes make us better or bitter.

  11. Find your passion. Find what makes your time fast forward ten times. Find those things that make you want to wake up early in the morning because finally… FINALLY… reality is better than your dreams.

  12. When you find that passion, pursue it. Take it as your career and it will be a sufficient impetus to walk on your own road, otherwise all roads will take you anywhere. You will end up wandering on this earth with no vision at all, just like the vast majority.

  13. NEVER GIVE UP. It varies, be it never give up even if you try your very best to lose weight and nothing ever changes, never give up on your studies, never give up on LOVE, never give up on your dreams. Just NEVER GIVE UP. You are young and there’s more time to figure and work things out. Soon you’ll thank yourself for not letting yourself down.

  14. Contrary to the latter, stop worrying because tomorrow is not promised. I know it’s quite baffling but we have to realize that we are so worried for the future like tomorrow is promised. Yeah planning and preparing for the future won’t kill you but when things start to get out of control, just breathe deeply and slowly… slowly let it go. Let go of the things you can’t control and stop stressing about it. Just trust god.

  15. Pray or meditate. Do whatever works for you. It will help clear out those dreary thoughts and stress.

  16. Start taking care of yourself. Go to spa and rejuvenate, go shop for nice clothes, go eat at a fancy restaurant you love once in a while, go to your favorite coffee shop and for the first time in a long time, DRINK.IT.THERE. Oh… and I cannot stress this one enough, START HAVING A SKINCARE ROUTINE! Even guys are not excluded in this, everyone should start taking care of their skin because it doesn’t just keep yourself looking young but it will make dramatic impact on your self-esteem. How do you expect other people to compliment you if you don’t compliment yourself?

  17. Take a pause. I know it’s quite overwhelming when you’re 21 and apprehending that the real world is far much different on how you envisioned it to be. We try our very best to be as competent as everyone and try to prove ourselves to other people that we are better. Soon, you’ll realize you are 40-something doing a job you realized you don’t like and feel trapped because you think you cannot leave that job anymore. Sometimes it’s best to just take a pause, contemplate on where you want to go and figure out the next right move in order to get there.

  18. Find your JAM. No, I don’t mean the one you spread on bread, but you’re music jam. Find it, and Indulge in it whenever you feel like life is being a great big bitch again, (like they always are) just play it and drown yourself to the beat and forgot that your problems even exist. Music is a very powerful thing, use it to change your mood not to drown yourself into the abyss and make your life even more miserable.

  19. Stop taking yourself too seriously! I know what you’re thinking, in the latter I always say to love yourself, take care of yourself, blah blahblah. But I don’t mean to make yourself look like a laughing-stock to other people. What I’m trying to say is to stop taking everything happened to you seriously, learn to shake things off, stop taking your own flaws seriously and laugh at it once in a while because life’s job is to keep you down and your job is to keep yourself happy. Look at your problem, stare them in the eye and tell them to “fuck off!”

  20. Be brave. Be brave to face anything that goes along your way. This is your battle, no one will fight that battle for you except you. You have to be more courageous than ever because being 21 or something is the start where you will stumble on hell a lot of dilemmas, some breaks you, some cultivates you but either way you should be brave enough to face them because running away from them only will only consequence in a far more problematic situation.

  21. Never settle for mediocrity. Often times, we really love to bask in the ambience of mediocrity for it give us that familiar feeling of euphoria, that feeling where you feel safe and comfortable but we are blithely unaware that it keeps us from experiencing the rewarding challenge that life has to offer. It’s in our nature to avoid anything that we’re not accustomed to but how can we know that the grass on the other side is much greener if we don’t have the courage to go there. If it doesn’t taste the way we imagined it to be, we can always go back and search for another greener pasture. Don’t cage yourself in something you know you don’t deserve, when you want something go get it! When will you realize that you are killing your own soul everytime you ignore your heart to do something for yourself. Why be a murderer of your own soul when you can be your own savior?