It’s an overrated speech that every politician says, it’s a lie, it’s a misconception, It’s a diversion to the real horror that’s currently happening around us.

They say we are free. They say we are lucky living in a world where everyone can roam around freely, buy the things you can afford, and eat all those mouth-watering foods we can get our hands on. But some of us know it’s a lie. No one here on earth is free. We are NEVER free.

If we are free, we can roam around freely without being judge by other people because of our physical flaws, our disabilities, our sexual orientation and preference because it is not something to be judged. If we are free, we can buy the things we can afford without any rumors and judgments from other people on why the hell we buy that stuff. If we are free, why are we being deprived from all those fresh and organic fruits and vegetable which rich people can easily get their hands on? I can go on forever.

The thing is, why do we settle for living a lie we know that exists? We are we so comfortable living this kind of life suppressed of rights we truly deserve? Why are we so blinded by the fact that this fucking society shoves their standardness on our face? Like it’s very important for us to blend in? to be more like a every other people on this freaking earth? Why do we let the society mold us to become the modern zombie? Why do we let our dream to be bought by others and be slaves till the rest of our lives?

Perhaps all these questions remain a question because we are afraid to have our voice be heard, we are afraid of being corrected from our thoughts. Perhaps we are afraid of our own society or maybe we are too lazy to go through all the process to change these things? Or perhaps we already accepted the fact that we’re ok on nibbling in mediocrity rather than choked on greatness?