Why You Should Not Give A Shit On Your Reputation

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat… who doesn’t want to be liked by a lot of people, right?! We often think that numbers are everything, numbers are your reflection and numbers are your worth;

and let’s be real! It’s not enough! We dress to impress, keep our posture straight, keep our smile just big enough to see our teeth without showing our gum, pretend that we like football and basketball so that we could be part of ‘The Cool-ones’. Ohh and don’t forget those obviously photoshopped perfect body on Instagram that’s really a must on our feed.

The thing is, don’t we get tired of acting so great? Of course we are! We just can’t let the idea of someone judging us for who we really are, we just can’t let the idea of people thinking that we are crazy, that we are a BITCH, a HOE, GAY!, a FREAK?! We are so focused on the mirage that being the person they want us to be will give us peace, happiness and put a stop on our self-loathing… but the truth is WE CAN’T!! A leopard cannot change it’s spots and so are we! No matter how much we convinced ourselves that the social media version of ourselves rock! It’s still not enough! It’s still not enough to give us the credit that we’re craving for, to get the attention that we’re craving for.

I really cannot comprehend how we, millennials, are so obsessed on the praise and acceptance of other people. Why are we so freaking obsessed on having a good reputation and so willingly to compromise our personality.

I’m a hypocrite if I say that I never cared for my reputation, of course I did! I was paranoid on having a good reputation on school and work that I didn’t even know it’s become a part of me to always judge every move I made and think whether people will misunderstood it and eventually hate me. I was living for other peoples validation of me, I tried to be good, I really tried but I became exhausted, disappointed and depressed on the fact that if I continued doing this to myself, I know I’ll die from their rejections, from their judgement towards me.

So why pretend? Why are we still playing the games society wants you to play? Why can’t we just play our own world they way we like it too?

Let’s stop focusing on building a good reputation, it’s what other people think of you and screw that! Screw what other people think and say about you. Don’t mind them, do your own thing and let them do their own. What other people think of you is none of your business so just do whatever you want, eat whatever you like, love whoever you love. Stop seeking validation from other people and start seeking validation from yourself. Reject crowd mentality, reject mediocrity, reject conformity. Everyone is born unique because we are meant to be unique. If you’re going to conform on this sick society, you’ll die like them. You will die like everyone else… leaving no substance, only name that soon imminently forgotten.