Monthly Archive: November, 2016

10 Actual Scenarios in your Head When You Saw A Perfectly Hot Stranger

We’ve all been there at some point in time, some are almost daily. We all know the daunting and heartbreaking journey of perpetually falling in ‘love’ with a stranger. Be it that person… Continue reading

30 Things I Promise To Do To My Future Kid(s)

1. You can disobey but don’t lie. It’s okay to do whatever you want as long as you’re not hurting anyone or doing something illegal. You’re free to do it. You are a… Continue reading

Let Us Be!

Kids, teenagers and young-adults are mostly fucked up nowadays and I believe parents are part to blame with. You see, we are the by-product of our experiences in life. All the mistakes, trials,… Continue reading

30 Things That Independent 20-Something Knows Too Well.

  Being alone doesn’t bother you at all. Be it in a crowd, walking alone, eating your brunch at your favorite brunch place. Point is, being alone just doesn’t seem to bite you….… Continue reading

Thank You For The Broken Heart.

You were the star in my life. There are days when I only look forward to was to spend my time with you. Days when sweet affirmations are softly spoken in each other’s… Continue reading

A Gentle Reminder For Those Who Are Stuck In Life

We all crave for an adventurous life, that kind of life where we spend our time with the one we love, a long travel, a nice job that we love, and a good… Continue reading