10 Actual Scenarios in your Head When You Saw A Perfectly Hot Stranger

We’ve all been there at some point in time, some are almost daily. We all know the daunting and heartbreaking journey of perpetually falling in ‘love’ with a stranger. Be it that person who just bought something at the grocery, or that person in front of you while waiting in line. Inevitably, even though we really didn’t want it… we can’t help ourselves but let our minds play us and some of these are:

  1. You say ‘Hi!’ and they say ‘hello!’ with a huge smile that you can almost see their cute crow’s feet on their eyes, but you look at it as a beautiful thing because… damned! they’re smiling at you! But in reality, you’re just there around the corner, holding your phone, pretending you’re texting someone but really, you’re just glaring at them, discreetly stalking them and casting a voodoo spell to make them look at you.
  2. You think your life is somewhat a rom-com-netflix kind of movies where you will see each other soon, bumped to each other, go on a coffee, become friends, date then boom! You see yourself talking with them on how many kids you’re planning to have.
  3. You try to look good! Stomach-in… check! double chin-in, leaning head slightly forward…. check! fixing hair… check! discreetly checking yourself on your phone’s reflection, pretending your texting…. check! Cautiously checking your breath even though you can’t even go near them… check!
  4. Everything about them is god damn perfect! Like, how perfect and hot they look despite their sweats, how genuine and kind and philanthropic they seem to be even though they barely done anything.
  5. You’re completely and utterly sure that you two are a match made from heaven and you’re quite sure that when you eventually, imminently, evidently, inevitably going to make a baby soon…. they’re going to look so good! because damn! where will they get ugliness? I’m not ugly, your significant other is pretty hot!
  6. Now, that a little time has passed by before you saw the heaven brought down your honey before your eyes…. you carefully plan things on how they can actually notice you. You’re exploring every possible way like bumping onto them, touch their arm and say you’re genuinely sorry, smile, saying you’re lost and ask them to show the best coffeehouse in the city… Sadly, all the plans remained plans. You don’t have the guts to even come near them.
  7. You are seriously willing to give up everything you have just to be with them because they’re so fucking perfect!
  8. You have a gut feeling that they too look at you,  not just look, but actually checking you out because you too are damned hot! In reality though? They didn’t even know you’re breathing the same oxygen their inhaling. *sob*
  9. God damn! Shiiiiiiiiiit!!! What’s more left to say?! You’re actually palpitating right now!
  10. After a moment, they have to leave and you literally kind of feel depressed and heartbroken, you even feel like you’re about to cry because saying goodbye to your little infinity with your significant other stranger is totally devastating… You grieve, you felt lost, you haven’t felt like this in your life. It felt like the souls that was once floating on cloud nine is fleeting away… You are kind of frustrated that you can’t do anything. Then just like that, they’re gone. Everything was dark and sad then you bumped onto this stranger who smells like they’re wearing an expensive brand of an eu de toilette… you noticed how hot they look on their perfectly fitted clothes and then at that moment…. you are sure…. that they are the one you’re waiting for!

…….. Then you woke up from your daydreaming and condone yourself for being thirsty, loveless, hopeless romantic person you actually are.