Monthly Archive: December, 2016

We Have To Be Okay Not Being Okay

When I was in high school, I can clearly remember how much I wanted time to fast forward, times ten. I always caught myself daydreaming, looking at the sky thru the open window… Continue reading

The Do’s and Dont’s in Friends-With-Benefits Set-Up

1 Do : Ask yourself if you’re game in this kind of game. If not, it’s okay. This kind of set-up is not for everyone, especially to hopeless romantics. Don’t: Jump in the relationship if… Continue reading

10 Things To Consider Before Becoming A Dog Parent (or Cats)

I wish someone told me how it’s utterly exhausting and draining it is to become a dog or a cat parent. I have two dogs and two cats all adopted and my life… Continue reading

An Almost Love Story

The moment my eyes hold a grip of you it was all rainbows and sunshine; Floras and butterflies, I’m floating on cloud nine Then you looked at me, Walking slowly towards me, don’t… Continue reading