An Almost Love Story

The moment my eyes hold a grip of you

it was all rainbows and sunshine;

Floras and butterflies, I’m floating on cloud nine

Then you looked at me,

Walking slowly towards me,

don't know if you need something

or just passing;

That time I didn't cared

All I can think about is how you had me ensnared

That time, I know, I am sure you're the one;

You’re the grace and beauty of the swan,

The one I never prepared myself for

A euphoric accident and now I ask for more

Made a move, several times actually,

The likes, the hearts, the wows,

Thought I’m doing it impeccably;

I actually followed you on every social medias

Because I want to treasure your memorabilia’s

Figured we have so much in common;

Talks, cameras, pen and papers

We're like a star crossed lover, stapled together

That moment the search is finally over

So I waited.

I wait, and wait and wait

Guess waiting is my state

And now the rain continues to spate

My feet grew its roots and now taking its routes

Oh! The things I’ve done, hoping we can go cahoots

I made myself your shadow;

Followed you wherever you are

You’re the smoker and I was your tobacco

But I guess I really am was your shadow;

Taken for granted, If only I foreshadowed

I figured I'm like every person you passed by

Someone you just met for a second, then say goodbye

Thought we had a spark;

Thought we could chat and drink in the park

But I guess, I had to leave it now in the dark

And now I'm writing this to you,

Despite the words and sweet affirmations unspoken

I will let it rest here, my heart’s broken.

Maybe one day, you realize I am the one

Lakes, rivers and oceans, for you I could swam

The one who'll take care of you

The one who'll be there, ready to rescue

Until then, I'm here waiting....

Waiting for you.

But if one day, someone new comes along

always remember....

It's your fault that you didn’t hop along.