Liberate Yourself From Yourself


I believe the most liberating thing one person can do in their life is to liberate themselves from themselves. But how can we do that when we do not know ourselves in the first place, or is really that much important to know who you are 101%?

‘Who are you?’ Everytime I get this question from strangers, I always think to myself of which they are referring to? My name, or what I do, what I am? Because as a local field writer/reporter, you get that a lot. Like almost, always and there is never a single time that question didn’t ignite a flame of deep philosophical train of thoughts inside my head. Truth is, I really do want to ask them what they’re really meant, I just don’t, because I might look like a mysterious prophet magically appeared in front of them.

The thing is, who are we… like really? Besides of the given name that we may or may not like. I myself are still in the process of pondering that question that started at least in the beginning of  time I questioned what life really is since I watched ‘The Croods.’

This blog probably would not help you answer that question but might help you get the idea.

I believe no one knows who they really are. The idea of ‘Knowing Yourself’ is so complex that the only options to know is to take a digital personality test and so we believe the results which came along like Myer-Briggs type or some other personality traits we see on the internet and magazines everyday… Which also make a lot of people go through early life crisis or midlife crisis because they stick to themselves and caged themselves based on what they think is true to themselves. If you’re going to ask me ‘Who I am’, I cannot really answer that clearly. Honestly. Aside from my given name, I cannot tell you who I am but I can tell you what I like and what I believe as of the moment.

But let me help you deal with yourself a little bit. It doesn’t matter who you really are today or if you know who you are today. It doesn’t matter if you love Korean dramas, or you prefer 80’s and 90’s songs over Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift songs, it doesn’t matter if you like the opposite sex yesterday but you want  a same sex partner today. It doesn’t matter who you are today, what matter is if you really are comfortable with your present nature.  People will always like ALWAYS have going to say something about you. Whether you’re good or bad or normal or weird. It’s in our society ever since the snake  fucking gossips something to Adam…. We can’t change how other people will think of us, what matter is if you’re going to let other people’s comment lead your way of life.

Who we are is something fleeting. We don’t stay the same forever… we change our taste in music, fashion, our motto and ideas in life, the standard we want for our significant other. We don’t need to know who we really are today or for the coming days, months or years, we just need to be happy of what our nature desires and aspire at the moment. Accepting it with an open arms and letting it go wholeheartedly. The idea of sticking up to your core is something limiting. We have to be like water which flows all over, we have to be ever-changing.

Who we are is basically a tedious collections of our memories, lessons, hobbies, scars and laugh-line from our history, how we dealt with it is the sum of our present nature today, which might change over the course of year and which I think is a very exciting thought for the future which also makes life perfectly liberating because you don’t have a fixed expectations over yourself.

What am I trying to get up to here? Well basically, it’s stop over thinking and taking yourself too seriously. Be open to change and also be real with what your present nature tells you. Be comfortable with yourself. Go with your impulse. Listen to your own instinct and not let other people or society to teach you ‘how to be you’ because no one knows shit. As long as you’re not hurting anyone or stepping over someone, who the hell cares! You do you.