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30 Things That Independent 20-Something Knows Too Well.

  Being alone doesn’t bother you at all. Be it in a crowd, walking alone, eating your brunch at your favorite brunch place. Point is, being alone just doesn’t seem to bite you….… Continue reading

For Everyone Who’s Dealing Something Heavy In Life

Don’t worry, god is with us. Shake off worries ’cause everything were dealing right now prepares us for something good in the future.

Letting Go: Meaningless and No Substance Kind Of Friendships

Losing friends don’t define what kind of people we are, eventually it would all happen to us. Some friendships tend to drift apart and some just tend to lose that same  vibration and… Continue reading

It’s All In Our Head!

When someone throws lemon at you, go and make a lemonade.  Life is a series of problems and solutions. It is inevitable. Just like what I thought yesterday, I said to myself “ugh!… Continue reading