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10 Things To Consider Before Becoming A Dog Parent (or Cats)

I wish someone told me how it’s utterly exhausting and draining it is to become a dog or a cat parent. I have two dogs and two cats all adopted and my life… Continue reading

An Almost Love Story

The moment my eyes hold a grip of you it was all rainbows and sunshine; Floras and butterflies, I’m floating on cloud nine Then you looked at me, Walking slowly towards me, don’t… Continue reading

10 Actual Scenarios in your Head When You Saw A Perfectly Hot Stranger

We’ve all been there at some point in time, some are almost daily. We all know the daunting and heartbreaking journey of perpetually falling in ‘love’ with a stranger. Be it that person… Continue reading

What If It Doesn’t Work?

When things starting to finally go in our own way, when things starting to look more beautiful and serene. When things starting to finally become better in your reality… we ought to find… Continue reading

I Was A Mess and I’m So Sorry!

I can vividly remember how I was stalking you around our university, how I manage to know your schedule so I can take a peek on what you’re doing everyday. I remember very… Continue reading

21 Things You Should Do and Learn When You’re 21

You should learn to be independent. Be it walking alone on the way home, eating at a restaurant alone or going shopping alone. Point is, you should never rely on the presence of… Continue reading

An Open Letter to My Beautiful Mother

To my beautiful Mom, Hi, Mom! How are you? And no, this letter is not for greetings nor small talks. I made this letter to fully expressed how I feel right now. I… Continue reading

Spiritual Suicide

As I was listening to a motivational speech on youtube before I hit the sack yesterday night, I came across this video about spiritual suicide. I’ll tell you what it means later. The… Continue reading

10 Signs You March To The Beat Of Your Own Drum

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
Flickr Shan Sheehan 1. You have a strong distaste for the status quo. You disagree with popular opinions on several topics. Even more so, it truly bothers you…

42 Little Things In Life That Really Make It Worth Living

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
Flickr / Leo Hidalgo When the two potential lovebirds you’re rooting for in a TV show finally get together. When the train/bus you need for a transfer gets…